Sunday, March 28, 2010

Month 10, Cycle 8, Day 4

So, I took the plunge. Clomid 150mg dose started yesterday. I have 2 down, 3 to go, then 5 days of estrogen. These are the toughest days. I feel weird!! Kind of like floating, and shaky and then the nagging headaches that Tylenol doesn't touch. I am so light sensitive; even the rainclouds were too bright for me, I needed sunglasses. My temps are not as even as they were last month. 97.9, 97.6, 97.6, 97.9. Last month they were 97.6-97.7 for my entire follicular phase (menstruation through ovulation). So, hopefully I will get a good rise indicating ovulation in about 10 days from today!!! Good thing I am on Spring Break starting Friday!

Keep praying and sending those positive vibes this way, please!! I sure hope my friends out there who are preggo are doing well and those who are not yet, are still encouraged to wait on the Lord. Thank you to my friends who have been there before me and have helped me through this. Thank you to those of you who are supporting me although you have no personal experiences, but are willing to listen and offer hope. Thank you all who I have not mentioned, but are so very supportive in each of your own ways. I appreciate you!