Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Month 10, Cycle 7, Day 30, 14 dpo

Two low temps yesterday and today -- 97.6. I tested this morning since I have been having all sorts of pregnancy symptoms. Still negative. I expect aunt flo to be here soon, within 12-24 hours.

Now to decide how to handle the next cycle. Clomid is so taxing to me emotionally. I am not sure I can endure one more month. I don't really know what other options I have, but I will be asking this next appointment. Hopefully there will be other options.

Shaun and I discussed getting a kitty if we were not pregnant this month. We had decided after the last of our three cats died, that we would not get any more pets, but we are desperate to love something! Somehow, a kitten just doesn't feel sufficient today. I guess we could investigate the adoption route a little more. Don't think we can afford that with no jobs after this summer, but it wouldn't hurt to look into it more.

Please pray for our decision. Pray that God will guide us in the direction He has planned for us and that He keeps me and our future children safe and healthy!

Father, thank you again for your faithfulness and love, without which, I am a melting ball of nothing. I thank you so much for everything you are! I pray for Shaun and my future, as you have promised to give us hope and a future. It's sad to see my hubby's heart break with each passing month. Help us to know where to turn or when to stay the course of this journey. It is not easy, Lord. Send your spirit to be our counselor, our guider in this darkness. You alone, Jesus are worthy. Please continue to bless my pregnant sisters, that they are able to go through pregnancy without fear of loss or tragedy. I pray for the other ladies on the same infertility spectrum, that you bring them the desires of their hearts and bless them with the children you promised to gift them -- bless the women whose quiver is TO BE full of them. I pray these things in YOUR name, AMEN.

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  1. I'm sorry that this cycle is ending in AF rather than a BFP, but I'm so excited that you have had a 'normal' cycle with ovulation. Wow, that alone is huge and something to celebrate in and of itself. This has been such a long road for you and Shaun, God has wonderful plans for your family.

    I wish I had a crystal ball for all of us who long for children to help us plan or choose the right path, but somehow that would probably take the joy out of the miracles that God has in store for each of us.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers,