Friday, July 22, 2011

26 weeks, 1 day

Ok, I am a slacker. Sorry for the lack of report. I am quite tired lately and just haven't been feeling up to blogging.

Two weeks ago I had a checkup with the nurse so to ease some of my anxiety. It was kinda pointless. I knew he was doing well as he kicks the crap out of me daily. So, I traveled there for a blood pressure and weight and baby heart rate visit. We both were doing fantastic. No problems and all was good. So, the 2 hour drive there and back didn't seem worth the 10 minute check-up. Note to self -- you can deal with not going for 4 weeks. If you suspect a problem, have one of your nursing friends check your pulse, blood pressure, and your fellow-obsessive-mama-consultants can check baby's heart rate with their fetal heart monitors. Or call the doc and she will send you to triage. DUH!

So over the last four weeks I have been enjoying this baby. He moves all over the place, he makes my belly jump and I really don't mind maternity clothes. I have some contractions here and there, but nothing I am too concerned about. I have begun walking 3 times a week again and testing my blood sugars randomly has not been too extreme at all. I feel a bit lazy at times and don't really get much of my housework done like I should, but overall, I don't care that much about it either. I find myself waking up to go to the bathroom and often times am up for a few hours afterward. Thankfully, baby is active at this time and we can bond over the Lifetime Movie Network Shows and then we get back to sleep for a few hours. It is hard to get comfortable in bed as once I lay on one side, baby lets gravity move him all the way to the mattress. And then it starts getting uncomfortable again, so I switch sides and he floats back to the other side of the mattress. The game I play is prop a pillow under one hip, so I am not flat on my back and then try to balance him in the center of my belly. This floating made me wonder if he had too much amniotic fluid to move around in.

Yesterday, on the hottest day of the year, I had an ultrasound and doctor appointment scheduled. I haven't really been too affected by the heat as I love summer and hate to complain about something I love. But, it was a hot one! Shandra drove me to AA since I do not have air in my car. (Thanks Shandra!!) The ultrasound was first and since we had just eaten at Chili's less than an hour prior to the appointment, I decided I couldn't wait until after the ultrasound to use the restroom. So, I went and then filled up my bladder again as I am supposed to have 16 oz of water one hour prior. Once in the ultrasound, the tech told me that my bladder was really full. No need to tell me, I already know!!!!!!!!

Here are my notations for his growth at 26 weeks, 0 day:
Placenta: looking good along the back of the uterus
Heart Rate: 155 beats per minute
Cervical length: 3.7 mm (this is good as long as it is over 3 mm).
Head circumference: 21.4 cm
Head length (BPD): 6.5 cm
Femur length: 4.9 cm
Abdominal circumference: 22 cm
Amt. of amniotic fluid: plenty: 15.1 (anything over 10 is good and under 24)
Weight: 2 lb, 1 oz
Measuring due date: October 30, 2011 (within a week of the ovulation due date, so due date will remain the same -- October 27, 2011)
Mom weight: 146.2 (yikes....)
Mom BP: 100/50
Mom Pulse: 68
Placenta is looking good (I had her do a thorough look at it and use color to verify where blood enters and leaves) and his kidneys and bladder are distended like they should be. He is now head down and looked like he was punching me in the bladder!

This little boy is doing fine. No problems with amniotic fluid at all. My sugars are looking great so I will just need to check randomly. Not even as much as I have been.

I asked about a TB is fine to do during pregnancy.
I asked about being in the extreme heat especially at is fine so long as you can get cool and stay hydrated. No prolonged outdoor activities that are like Saunas.
We talked about my high risk condition and what limitations I have that is different from a normal pregnancy. She told me that so far every thing has turned out normally, but we are being overly-cautious because of the outcome of Ethan's pregnancy. No scuba diving, skydiving, horseback riding, climbing ladders, excessive heat, any activity that has the potential for falling or overheating.
We talked about vacationing and how far away I should be from home. She stated that I could travel by car just fine, but if it made me feel better that I could map out the closest big hospitals nearby before I choose a destination and if I needed to call the office for reassurance, I could do so.
We talked about the frequent nose bleeds I had been having, and she decided that I needed to have a CBC (complete blood count) done and she would check my platelets. She also wanted to get my records from Ethan's delivery and subsequent clotting factor labs that I had had done. I thought I had sent them there, but they had not arrived.

After the appointment, I scheduled almost all of the rest of the appointments up to the date of delivery. I will return in 4 weeks for a dr. appt. and ultrasound. Then 2 weeks later I will have a dr. appointment. Then I will have Non stress tests on Mondays, and bio-physical profiles on Thursdays each week until I deliver. Took us 15 minutes just to schedule all the appointments!!!

All in all, I feel great, and baby is healthy. I can't wait to meet little guy.

Father, thank you for such great reports. I praise you because you continue to astound me in your creation and how you worked the human reproduction all out. It is truly amazing and I am beyond blessed. Thank you so much for your faithfulness. AMEN!