Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Month 10, Cycle 7, Day 17

I GOT A PEAK READING on my fertility monitor today!!!! This is indicative of a luteinizing hormone surge above that of my estrogen which says ovulation is 24 hours either way. I could have ovulated yesterday or expecting ovulation today!! At any rate, it is my very first "egg" symbol on this machine since I began using it in August...thank you, Beth, for letting me use it!!

My temperature dipped a little yesterday which made me think ovulation was within 24 hours of that. It rose from 97.2 to 97.7, but my coverline or highest pre-ovulation temperature was 97.7 so, not significant enough of a rise to tell me that I have in fact ovulated. I am hoping for a higher temp tomorrow that will confirm all the other signs. My cervix was perfect on Sunday, but is still medium soft, medium position and slightly open today. It's hard to tell about my cervical fluid, what with all the baby making attempts ;)

Anyway, since it is day 17, I am supposed to begin taking my progesterone today. I had heard from you other ttc mamas that I shouldn't take it until 2 days past ovulation otherwise I might not ovulate. So, I have a call in to my doctor and left a message with all this information and I won't take the progesterone until she says that she doesn't think it would inhibit implantation. If I were the one to decide, I would start taking it tomorrow or Friday. Anyway, I am praying, praying, praying that this is the month.

Lord, help me please to conceive a child. I don't believe you would put this desire to have children so urgently on me if you weren't planning on seeing it to completion. Father, comfort me as I continue these next few days and bless those who are making decisions that they would be full of your knowledge and not be swayed to give advice that would impede your will. I pray for your will to be done. That you are glorified in all of this and that your name is praised. Thank you Father for this pregnancy in advance and I pray that my child is blessed. Thank you in Jesus' name, Amen. Father, I also pray for my friends, that positive HPT's are on the verge and that your will is accomplished in them that others may see your goodness in it. I pray for those who still need comfort in their loss and grief journey. I pray for supernatural guidance and protection around them in this most emotional time. Father, you are wonderful and mighty. I thank you for your faithfulness. In His holy name, AMEN!

***UPDATE -- The doctor's receptionist just called to tell me that the doctor says it's ok for me to wait the two days and not start progesterone until day 19! Then the receptionist says, "hope to see you in here real soon!" I hope so too!!!! Crossing my fingers and praying!


  1. Today is day 18 and my temperature rose to 98.1! Hopefully it stays high and confirms that ovulation occurred on day 16 or 17! This is exciting stuff!

  2. I'm so EXCITED for you, Sunshine!!