Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hCG continues to fall

Just wanted to post for all of you that my beta hCG is still falling. On November 17, 2 days after I miscarried and the day before I had my surgery, it was 11,963. Last week, on November 23, it was 559 and today, November 30, it is 101!!!

The nurse told me that it is hard to know how long it will take to get to be zero, and for some it is 3 weeks and others it can take 3 months. So, I imagine that it should come down within the next two weeks. I am not worried about it and am so glad that it is declining rather quickly.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I have an appointment with Dr. Randolph to discuss whether he thinks the miscarriages and Ethan's loss are related and whether we should do more testing and what the next step from here is. I have a lot of questions prepared and am ready to discuss. Plus, I am thinking that I want to try again, so hopefully these numbers fall quickly and we can get on with it already.

Father, thank you so much for your provision and love throughout these weeks. I pray that you continue to hold us up and give us strength to keep trying if it is your will, or to pursue other options if that is your will. Still praying for my friends who are expecting and worried about the health of themselves and their little ones. I pray that you keep them wrapped tight in your loving care. I pray for my other friends who are still trying to conceive that you fill them with a child soon. I pray for those who are making decisions to not try anymore that you give them peace about this and take away their desire to become parents again. And in the midst of all the baby making, I pray for the family of the 3 little boys in Morenci who are yet to be found. I pray for peace or triumph to come soon. In Jesus' name, AMEN.


  1. Sunshine that is FANTASTIC news!! :) YAY!! I agree, at the rate it's falling, should be gone in a couple weeks hopefully!! AWESOME!! It also made me glad to know that you want to try again!! I hope you do and are able to figure out what the problem is!! WE WILL get this figured out someday! I admire your strength, endurance & perseverance!! Can't wait to hear how the appt goes! Praying for at least a plan for a path of the next step in your lives! Love ya friend! Hope to see you 12/13 :)

  2. Hey Sunshine!!!! Praise God you are on the road to some answers.....! It took my beta levels FOREVER to get to zero after my first loss. It took so long that they were going to consider going back in and doing another D and C to make sure they got everything...lol! That however wasn't the case, praise God! :-) So encouraging that they are dropping!! God is so good! Love you!