Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Month 15, Cycle 12, Day 16

I went back to see the doctor this morning and had my ultrasound. The right follicle grew to 20.5 mm and the left ovary had two small ones. So, they triggered and hope that the right one only releases. I am to do the deed for 3 days and call back 14 days from now for a test!

If I do not get pregnant this month, we are gonna talk about a "hybrid cycle" in which we would do Femara plus some injectable meds that I would administer at home. This would help to create 2 follicles each month. The Femara targets for only one. I don't want any more than two because the chance for abruption again increases with higher order multiples.

Please send your thoughts and opinions regarding the injections. I am unsure on how to proceed with that. I am finding out about how long I have insurance benefits for, and maybe that is the determining factor.

Father, I pray that I am pregnant this cycle so as not to have to decide to do injections. You know how much needles make me crazy!! I pray that you help those who are still trying to get pregnant as well, that you give them the grace that they need to endure their walks. I trust you and your timing!! In Jesus' name, AMEN!


  1. We have decided to go ahead with treatment in October. We are taking the time to save up now since our insurance does not cover any of the procedures/ drugs we will be using. Our RE reccomends doing three hybrid cycles with IUI. Since our official diagnosis is "unexplained" thats the best course of action. Just doing the drugs and timed intercourse doesnt increase our chances per month but adding the IUI takes our chances from about 5% up to 20-25%. If that doesnt work we are going to reevaluate. Since their next reccomendations would be IVF and since that cost is so much more about $15,000.00 for each cycle again out of pocket we would be having to save up.
    That being said I think that the hybrid combo of drugs is a good next step for you. I would be using Femara for 5 days then 4 days of follistim during which being monitored then triggered followed by IUI. I am still doing research into the side effects of follistim but, everything ive seen about Femara are much better than clomid.
    Thinking of you and Shaun and hoping this is your month. Hope to see you guys when we are in Michigan in Sept.
    Thanks again for sharing your story.

  2. Sounds like a great plan Jodi. Did you know that you could get a coupon online for 30 days of Femara free!! Google it and see what you find. I wonder if you could for the Follistim, too! Check out some sites for the financial aid. I think that you have to get the coupon first, then take it to your doctor and have him sign it along with the prescription. Also, Femara is officially a cancer drug, so it is not considered a fertility med, so sometimes your insurance will cover that. My insurance will cover most infertility things unless I am being artificially inseminated. So, anything done on the day of an IUI or IVF is not covered. If we are told we can only get pregnant on an IVF cycle, I think we have decided that we will save the $15,000 for the costs of adoption (which is about the same when you factor in all the testing and screenings and lawyer fees). That way we are pretty much assured of a child and if we wanted to adopt more children, we wouldn't have to shell out another $15000, just a few thousand for legal fees. The IVF is like 35% chance of conception and have to pay each time you try.

    Femara is a wonder drug for me...Clomid made me CRAZY and caused all sorts of side effects. Femara has NONE that I am aware of. I don't know yet about Follistim, though.

    Good luck Jodi and keep me informed. Let me know when you guys are visiting. We'd love to see you, both.