Sunday, August 8, 2010

Month 15, Cycle 12, Day 21, 3dpo

According to fertility friend which monitors all my fertility signs, including my temps, I appear to have ovulated on Thursday. Which makes today, Sunday, 3 days past ovulation. I felt a little nauseous today but, you know, can't really tell until later.

My doc says I can test on Tuesday, August 17. It will be 12 days past ovulation. So, nine more days until test day!!!

I received a call from my doctor's office that I have an appointment on August 26 to talk about hybrid cycle, but I let them know that if I am not pregnant this month, the 26th would be to late to start injections. The nursing staff agreed, and since the doc was fully booked until that day, they had to wait to ask him if he wanted to double book again. So, someone is supposed to call me on Monday and let me know what they want me to do. Maybe I will do another Femara only cycle and then talk about hybrid, or maybe he will squeeze me in somewhere. At any rate, this hybrid cycle talk is distracting me from obsessing about this current cycle.

Father, thank you for the distractions that allow me to breathe amidst the heaviness of infertility. I appreciate your gifts of calm when everything else around me feels like a whirlwind. I pray for peace, guidance and love to people around me and I pray for those newly pregnant!!! Thank you for answered prayer and be with those who are still pursuing. I know that through it all you are still GOOD!!!! In Jesus' name, AMEN!

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  1. Tomorrow's the big day, hopefully you pass the test!! ;) Can't wait to know!! Prayers up!