Sunday, August 1, 2010

Month 15, Cycle 12, Day 14

I drove peacefully to Ann Arbor this lovely Sunday morning. The sky blue, sun bright, and me beaming with anticipation. It took almost one hour to drive there, and all the while I worshipped my Father along with the music from KLOVE. This Sunday, unlike last month, I sat in the waiting room that was quiet. The rush of last month's July 4th experience, where I waited an hour while the 12 other patients went before me was gone. There was stillness. The receptionist was kind and sweet and the nurse who came to get me a few minutes after I arrived was gentle and offered me a restroom break before the ultrasound. I gladly obliged and glided onto the table just moments before the RE doctor on call and her fellow entered the room.

The fellow wasn't as gentle as the previous people I had encountered. In fact, quite painful it was. "What are you looking for?" the doctor asked the fellow, both females.
"I am trying to reference the uterus so I can tell if it is the left or right ovary."
"Well," the doctor says as she washes and gloves her hands and takes over the wand, "this prove is in too far, you won't see anything like that!"

I was so relieved that the much more experienced doctor took over, albeit only a few moments, then the fellow again tried. This time with much better success and the wincing of my forehead ceased.

"It looks like there is one follicle on your right side that is 15 mm, and one on your left that is 13." Dr. Smith says, "Both are too small yet, but it looks like they are growing so we will have you return in 2 days for another ultrasound and we will see where we are when we get there."

Then, I drove about an hour home, chatting with a dear friend on my cell phone, arriving at church on time

I will return to the U of M RE clinic on Tuesday at 8am, hopefully in a similarly peaceful fashion.

Father, thank you for consistently providing me with love and peace and joy amidst my troubles, my questions and my trials. I am begging for an opportunity to raise children to know you and seek you. I ask that you fulfill my desires and do so quickly so as I may raise them fully and begin new traditions and help them to raise their children with roots. I pray that I live long enough to have great-grandchildren that I may influence to love you and to lead great lives!! In Jesus' name, AMEN!

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  1. that dear friend was me:)checking in here, glad to hear your optimism, diligence and persistence, your a warrior my Sunshine:)))