Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Month 15, Cycle 12, Day 17

Got a peak reading on my monitor and a positive OPK. My temp was still at cover line, so I am assuming that I am ovulating today!!! I will do what I need to do and use a few other alternative medical techniques. Last night Shaun and I practiced visualization techniques...


After the deposit was made, and I propped my hips on a pillow for 20 minutes we practiced visualization: "Come on little spermy, pick your best candidate and swim, swim swim. I can see him, heading in the direction of the target, the strongest, most handsome looking one, swimming proudly to meet his destination, squeezing in through the cervix, wading through the fluid into the uterus."

I gently massaged my abdomen with my fingertips on the right side, "Ok, there little egg. Time to emerge from your follicle, gliding gently down the fallopian tubes, bouncing off the sides and waiting for your best suitor to find you. Give off the hormones that send signals to the most mature sperm out there. Do not allow a less qualified sperm to penetrate, but instead wait for your perfect companion to come."

I giggled, but remained steadfast that this visualization was key. "Ok, boy meets girl. Sperm meets egg, love prevails and sparks fly."

Shaun then touched my belly and prays "Father, I pray that this is it, that we have a long, healthy pregnancy achieved that turns out a successful safe delivery with a beautiful baby! Amen"

My back started to cramp up from the most uncomfortable position I was in and I had to get up. Time to do this again tonight and then the next night. Please pray for success!

Father, I thank you for the gift of humor and means to share this with others who are out there. I pray for my two friends who are currently in preterm labor, that they are able to sustain their pregnancies as long as they can and that they have successful, safe deliveries. One with a single birth but previous stillborn and the other who is birthing twins. Wrap your arms around each mother and hold their babies in your arms. Protect them from the possibility of loss and help them to cling to you amidst their struggles.

I pray for those who are newly pregnant, that you keep their babies safe within them. I pray for those who are undergoing fertility treatments, that you provide them with the best possible plan that results in your glory to be seen above all else. I pray that they are comforted and loved. I pray for those who are just reading along that they see your goodness and show others how great you are! I pray for my friends who are deciding about fertility treatments, that you show them clearly what you would have them do...including myself.

I love you so very much and thank you so much for each day you have given me. In Jesus' name, AMEN!


  1. LOL I laughed so hard Im surprised I didnt wake Mayci up. You are too cute Sunshine! I hope that all the visualization works!!! Tons of prayers your way!!!

  2. Glad you thought it was funny! I did, but wasn't sure how it was coming across!! Anyone else want to respond? Hehehehe!

  3. Very funny, maybe that has been the missing piece of our puzzle, too! LOL Praying for God's blessings to come and rain down upon you...

  4. So, this tww is just killing me Sunshine! It is not going fast enough at all! Hopefully I will see you tomorrow :) As long as hubby isnt on overtime!

  5. fyi.. i so did that the month i got pregnant! I hope it works for you like it did for me...I even changed my ringtone to the Beach boy song from the movie Look Who's Talking.. when the sperm meets the egg. Hey, whatever works at this point!!!

  6. I love it Sunshine, lol! I'm not sure I can wait 8 more days to find out how the visualization worked! Hoping and praying with you guys!
    Hope I'll see you tonight so we can talk more!