Sunday, February 21, 2010

Month 9, Cycle 6, Day 30

Took a pregnancy test again today. Apparently Dollar Tree offers pregnancy tests that are able to test for 25 MIU/ML HcG, which can be detected very early ($1 a test is in my price range!!). According to, a website that helps to analyze temperatures and other signs, I ovulated on day 19. According to secondary signs, my cervix indicated I ovulated around day 16. It sounds like the phase after ovulation called luteal phase usually stays the same month after month, and it was 14 days the last time I ovulated. So, if I ovulated on day 16, then today would be the day I should expect my period, if I ovulated on day 19, then I am testing 3 days early. At any rate, my test was negative this morning. It looks like I will be calling the doctor in the morning to see what the next step is. I am dreading another round of clomid. Anyone have any pertinent questions I should ask the doctor at this visit?

Father, lots of circumstances are affecting my ability to make decisions at this time. I am boldly asking that you are very clear as to what you would have me do. I ask that you put wise counsel in my way and that you give me peace to know what decision is from you and which is from evil or misdirected points of view. I pray that I am unencumbered to hear your voice clearly and to put into practice what it is you would have me do.

I also pray for my followers who are fearful in their current situations. You know the details of each one and I ask that you are clear and forthright with them as well. In Jesus' name, AMEN!

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