Saturday, February 13, 2010

Month 9, Cycle 6, Day 22

Alright, so my last post said that I had a temperature dip on Day 15, and then I even went a little lower on day 16, but curiously I didn't rise over my cover line, or the average pre-ovulation temperature. so I had Day 15-96.9, day 16-96.8, day 17-97.2, day 18-97.2, day19-97.2, day 20-97.6, day 21-97.6, day 22-97.5. (Sorry no chart last post...I guess I can't figure it out.) So, I was bummed thinking that I wasn't ovulating this month, and THEN....

I have had 3 days of higher temps which signals that I may have ovulated on day 19! Except, I started taking my progesterone capsules on day 17. SO, that means I may have taken the progesterone too early which may inhibit implantation. All this stuff is driving me a little crazy.

IDK but according to, I am 3 days past ovulation, so I intend to test next Saturday or Sunday...10-11 days past ovulation. (Crossing my fingers...I don't wanna do another Clomid round, but I will if I have to.) Then I am supposed to call the doctor the following Monday if I haven't had a period or negative test...she will then order a test and ultrasound to see what's next. By the way, my marriage sure is benefiting from all this babymaking and planning!!! :-)

Father, I pray for my friends who are currently pregnant after loss. I pray that they are comforted by you and that you confirm to them that this will be a successful pregnancy and healthy for them as well. With you in the midst, I pray that you are in control of all that concerns them and that they cast their FEAR aside. I pray that they will see you and give you praise for your faithfulness. I also pray for my friend who is doing IVF next week, that she becomes pregnant with her frozen embryos that you allowed for her to have. I pray that they survive the thaw, they are ready for implantation and that they succeed in this pregnancy. Father, she has had so much loss and spent so much time pining for her children, please give her the desires of her heart and use her to show the world that you are faithful and GOOD! I pray for my friends who join me in the fertility journey of clomid, estrogen and progesterone balancing. I pray that you allow us to become pregnant as least invasive as possible and help our bodies to sustain a healthy pregnancy to term and to dote on a new child. Jesus, you are the healer. Mend those of us who are broken in our spirits, who wander around cautious and guarded because of how torn we have become. Mend our physical anomalies that prevent us from naturally conceiving children. Father, I am reminded that the instances that you portray to us from the Bible of women who have trouble conceiving, that you use their "miracle" children for such GOOD and your PURPOSE. I pray that when we do deliver healthy children, that they are used on this Earth for their good and for your purpose. In Jesus' name, AMEN

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