Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where is Aunt Flo?

Ok, I know this is too much information, but she has not visited in 31 days and test was negative two days ago... I don't think I have symptoms of pregnancy or PMS, so I don't know what's going on. Perhaps I am pregnant, so I didn't share a beer with hubby last night over dinner, even though I really wanted one.

I will wait until next week to test again. This can become expensive, not to mention obsessive again. Anyone who is on this journey with me can relate...

Lord, continue to provide patience and peace to my husband and me as we are waiting for answers. We know that you know the plans you have for us that is for a hope and a future according to Jeremiah, and we just wait with anticipation to see what the next chapter of our lives will bring. I thank you Jesus, for your grace and mercy and the freedom to publish this blog that it may help in the healing and growth of others who are grieving and trying again. Thank you for my friendships who are supporting me through this. You are amazing and I cannot praise you enough for your love.

Please connect anew with any who are reading this and give them strength to face whatever they are to face. Allow your love to infiltrate their minds and hearts. Amen

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  1. Thank you for the link to your blog, I'm excited for the journey you are embarking upon and see where God's touch has been all over your lives. Thank you for your friendship, as it has meant more to me than you know. (Thank you to the ladies of Tiny Purpose, you are truly doing God's work!)

    For me, I always end up circling back to 2 Chronicles chapter 20. I absolutely love this passage of scripture because if nothing else, I'm always reminded that while God battles on my behalf, I still have to praise and worship Him always. Some battles are small and others are gigantic, like they were for the nation of Judah, but thankfully, God is battling, not me. He didn't allow victory until the nation did their part praising and worshiping Him. I love what the 'praise team' said in verse 21, "Give thanks to the LORD, for His love endures forever." Of course, I would have been terrified if I was part of that praise team in front of the army!! God did a mighty thing for the nation of Judah, just like he does for us as well, just like He wants to do for everyone. We serve an such an amazing God!

    Stacy and I continue to try to have a family of our own. It's hard not to be discouraged after all these months, but I continue to pray for God's will to be worked in our lives.

    I pray that this blog will be a blessing for both you and those of us reading it.