Monday, July 27, 2009

the waiting...

Day 35...

Negative pregnancy test, but still no period. I wonder if my Wal*mart brand tests work. I wonder if I ovulated this month. I wonder if I am making up symptoms in my head. I am sure I am driving my husband crazy.

"Should I test, dear?"
"No, be patient," he replies.
"But this is the longest I have ever went without a period and not been pregnant."
"I know, but you will find out soon enough."
"So, should I?"
"Should you what?"
"Test again," I grit through my teeth.
"Do whatever you want."

I will wait. It shouldn't take too much longer for her to show up. I am thinking that I will be getting a period soon since the test is negative. But, I thought that last week, didn't I?

The crazy cycle. At least for now I am not in the worry cycle. I know that it will come with a positive test. Here's hoping that Ethan is prepping his little sibling for what it's like on Earth. I don't know if that happens, but it sure does make me happy to think that it might!

I will keep you all informed. In the meantime, I love seeing who are my followers! If you haven't posted your profile and pic, do so on the right side of the blog. I am delighted to have you join me on this journey!! Read Psalm 139:13-16, and understand that even if I do not know if I am pregnant and if I am, God knows for sure, and He is in control of all things!

Father, thank you for your gift of patience as I await concrete evidence of pregnancy or not. I am thankful that you allow me the opportunity to see You when I could be easily distracted by seeing what You DO, instead. You are wonderful and I am just in awe at how complex baby making can be. No one can convince me that human life was a series of accidents and collisions of atoms. We are created in Your image and You knit each of us together in our mother's wombs (Psalm 139:13). I am blessed and privileged to serve you in this capacity and thank you for each of my followers. I ask that they are as richly blessed as I am. In Jesus' name, AMEN.

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