Saturday, September 18, 2010

Month 16, Cycle 14, Day 4

I had an interesting day yesterday. Because of this "hybrid" cycle, I will have to have multiple ultrasounds to determine how much medicine and to monitor the effects. So, yesterday was the first ultrasound of this month's cycle. My hubby and I drove to Ann Arbor 50 minutes there, and was quickly escorted into our room to have the ultrasound. The tech quickly came into the room, did a scan. She told me they were looking for a thin endometrium and quiet ovaries (meaning no follicles), as that is what they should be like at the day 3 ultrasound. When she scanned, she told me I had a thin endo (3mm) and showed me the blood flow. This actually was really cool to see. The wonders of modern technology; to be able to see menstruation from the inside. I encouraged Shaun to look, although he was far from interested. Who could blame him? The tech said. I laughed. Of course, this comment persuaded him to check it out(similarly to someone calling him chicken)!! hehe!

And then she looked at the ovaries. The left one -- the most active one, the one that has been the ovulating one 3/4 Femara cycles -- had a largish follicle on it; 13 mm. The right one had some smaller ones, but nothing to be worried about, she said. Anyway, the tech said that the doctors would be meeting to discuss the findings at their noon meeting. She said that she wasn't sure what they would do, as sometimes they cancel the treatment, and other times they choose to go ahead with it. After the noon meeting, a nurse would be calling me to let me know if I were to start the Femara that night or what the next course of action should be. We left the clinic as quickly as we had got in and realized we had only been in the building for 10 minutes total with a 2 minute scan. So, since we had driven all that way, we decided to go shopping...Marshalls and DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse)!!! I love those stores!! And then we drove the 50 minutes back home.

Later that day, I got a message from the nurse and was told to go ahead with the medicine as scheduled, and that I would be coming in for a day 10 ultrasound next Friday!! So, here I go...crossing my fingers! XX

Also, I got a firm job offer and a great possibility for another this coming week. I will be making some huge decisions soon!! Hopefully, the pregnancy thing will take and I won't have to make hard decisions on waiting for the insurance plans to come through to decide to resume treatment before or after they kick in.

Father, thank you so much that you have not abandoned me amidst my excessive planning. I pray that you allow me to make wise choices and that soon I will be with child. Thank you for the people who have prayed for me and bless them with people to pray for them as well. I ask that you bring healing to so many people's hearts right now. You know each and every one I speak of...the one who's child is sick, the one who's pregnant with her rainbow baby, the one who's teenager is estranged, the one who's still trying to get pregnant after many years of trial and loss, the one who's looking for a job to support her kids, the one who's sick, the one who's about to leave her marriage, the one who's dealing with recent grief, the other ones who I fail to mention, yet you know all about. I pray for peace, for guidance and for love. You are the one who has come to set the captive free!! Set us all free today, in Jesus' name, AMEN!!


  1. Good luck with everything Sunshine! I'll be thinking of and praying for you!

  2. GREAT news, Sunshine!! :) Congrats and best of luck on the job offers and I'm excited to see how this treatment plays out for you!! Keep us posted as I'm sure you will. I must agree, that's pretty cool to get to see menstruation from the inside! Have a great week! :)