Sunday, September 26, 2010

Month 16, cycle 14, day 12, 1 dpo

I have now nicknamed myself the fertility guru!! Another friend of mine is PREGNANT!!! And I will take the credit, as it was her first month of trying and she asked me for advice. Man I am good! Now I have to figure out to make it happen for myself...hehehe!

I gave myself 3 shots of FSH daily; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. And then I woke up Friday morning to go have my ultrasound. My temp had dropped to 96.6, but since I have been waking up at different times all week, I wasn't taking much stock into the temps as they have been up and down. We went to the doctor and saw 7 follicles!!! The ultrasound tech told us that they are considered mature if they are over 18 mm. She saw on the right ovary an 18mm, 17.5mm, and 13mm. And on the left ovary a 20 mm, 11mm, 11mm, and 12mm. So she stated that the nurse would call me that night after the doctors discussed what to do and she would probably ask me about whether or not I would consider selectively reducing if there were multiple babies. She told me to talk it over with Shaun so when the nurse called I would have an answer.

On our way home we discussed this. Let me just say that I don't believe in abortion, I think it is wrong, but I have to tell you that after my situation with Ethan and the fact that I almost died Shaun and I have a different outlook on abortion. We still think that it is not an option for birth control and we don't think that any person should go into a clinic because they don't want children and just end their life. BUT, we do believe that if a pregnancy puts the life of the mother at risk, then it is up to the family to decide what is best for them. And this is something we have discussed at length for 5 years since Ethan's conception. We know how fragile life is and make decisions based on the experience we have had. So, our conversation on the ride home was pretty much predictable:

"SO what do you think?" I asked him.
"Well, of course we would reduce," he said, "Your body can't handle extra stress. You are more important to save then potential children. Yes, we want kids, but only if that means WE BOTH get to raise them. I don't want to raise 3 babies on my own!"
"I know, but I don't want to have an abortion, either. So, should we decide NOT to try this month, since there is a possibility for triplets?"
"NO, this is one of our last chances probably since our insurance is going to run out. The chance for triplets is like 1-3%, so you aren't gonna have to worry about that decision. Just tell them yes if they ask you."
"But, I wouldn't mind triplets," I tell him, "Now, if it were 4 or 5 or if one baby was unhealthy and endangering my life or the other babies lives, then maybe I would consider it."
"But, we probably will only get one, so don't worry."
"Ok, then," I concede. "If they ask if I will selectively reduce, I will positively say that I would be willing to discuss selective reduction. Fair enough?"

So, at 4pm the nurse called and told me to give myself the shot of hCG (Ovidrel) and intercourse that night, Saturday night and Sunday night. She never asked me about selective reduction. Whew!!

So, I think I ovulated Saturday as my temp was 97.6 and then today it is 98.1. My monitor was low until today (Sunday) it is PEAK!! Anyway, all the other signs are a bit off, but I know that I probably ovulated yesterday or today. And in two weeks I will test. Probably Saturday, October 9.

Father, thank you for showing me that people can get pregnant and do so without fertility treatments. Thank you that you allowed medicine to help me to develop follicles and could possibly bless me with a child or two or three. Thanks for keeping the nurse from asking me about a very difficult decision. I pray that you will bless those who are still trying and give them new hope for a child. I pray for favor this month. You know that I am at the end of my rope and that I know that you can provide a miracle right before my eyes! Show yourself faithful to me and to those who are reading. Reveal yourself in my words and use this blog to be a blessing to others. I love you and appreciate all that you do and who you are!! In Jesus' name, AMEN!!


  1. You Rock, Sunshine!! You are an amazing person who has been "blessed" with a predicament that is benefiting more than yourself!! Keep up the work, and if you end up with triplets...I'll be your nanny!!! :) Just sayin' of luck friend! :)

  2. Thanks Lissa. I am sure we will both be blessed for being a blessing to others. Good luck to you, my friend! And, if by some small chance I have triplets, they can be friends with your triplets. We will both be too busy to be each other's nannies!! Just sayin'... :~)

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! Good point!! Well, that will be a good "problem" we would run into!! At least they'd have playmates in the same #!!! ;) See you at the meeting 10/11 with hopefully some very good news! :)