Thursday, September 2, 2010

Month 16, Cycle 13, Day 16, 2 dpo

My temperature jumped from 96.6 Tuesday before my shot, to 97.6 Wednesday and 98.1 today. I am certain that I ovulated late Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning. So today is 1-2 days past ovulation. So, I will be testing Monday, September 13 for sure and maybe sometime before then. Crossing my fingers!

Just wanted to quickly share this update.

Thank you Jesus for the waiting time. I am in awe of you. :) In your name, AMEN!

P.S., is it okay to send a smiley face to Jesus in prayer??? hehe!


  1. lots of love to you and future baby plato's way :)

  2. YAY Sunshine, this is great news!! Maybe you have finally gotten straightened out and this will be the one!! :) You do realize that you test the day of the meeting right? How exciting. Hope to only hear great news!! Lots of sticky baby dust & prayers to you and Shaun! :) PS: I think God LOVES smiley faces in prayers....he's up with the technology these days....he made it! :)

  3. Yes, Lissa, I wondered too if I did it mostly on my own. You know, Femara helped too! But, usually I ovulate 36-48 hours after the shot. I think that is the case with most patients, as well. hCG is supposed to tell the other hormones to get going. The ultrasound tech told me that in regularly working women, when a follicle reaches 25-27 it ovulates on its own. Shaun and I thought that maybe I ovulated the bigger one on my own and then maybe ovulated the second one 36-48 hours later with the hCG. If the follicle is 17 or higher it could potentially the 15 one could have grown a little over the 36-48 hour span. WHO KNOWS??

    It is crazy that it is group day. I would be testing that Monday a little earlier than the recommended time, so even if I say I had a negative then, it could potentially be positive in a few more days. (Lord, that would be wonderful!! You know my heart!!)

  4. Maybe you did do most of it on your own, but it's a little more peace of mind knowing you've got the backup of the hcg & femara. I am so pumped, I hope this works for you guys this time! I SO know your heart and feel it all the way!! Darn it, we will figure this out eventually...hopefully sooner rather than later! Can't wait to hear. Positive, Positive, Positive!! :)