Saturday, May 29, 2010

Month 12, Cycle 10, Day 9

The SHG test was painful. Especially the speculum. And, three people doing the procedure. I guess that is what I get from going to a teaching hospital. The real doctor read the ultrasound to me, the REI fellow (ultrasound tech, I think) talked the student through the process. She was inexperienced to say the least and they had to readjust the speculum and when she inserted the catheter, she didn't do it right, so the tech had to do it for her. Yikes. Lasted about 30 minutes. I was so anxious and sweated all over the blue pad and it stuck to my behind when I finally was able to sit up. ;)

Everything looks good. Fallopian tubes are open, uterus is a little misshapen, but he doesn't think it is a problem. They saw my c-section scar and it appears tight. My ovaries had some follicles on them, but they are not too many to completely diagnose PCOS. One on my left ovary is the one he thinks will develop next week -- on day 8 it was 3.8 mm (I think). Since I had two of the three signs of PCOS; insulin resistance and elevated cholesterol, the doctor said that he was treating me as though I had it, as that determines it, anyway. Shaun's semen analysis had a few low numbers but just barely so he thinks there is nothing wrong with him. We will return next Thursday for a day 14 ultrasound and if the follicle is ripe, he will give me the shot of Ovidrel (hCG) and we will ovulate shortly thereafter!!

After the appointment, the doctor prescribed me to be taken out to eat and shopping after. He told Shaun I needed that in order to relax so we can get pregnant next week! So we did! AHHH! We might get pregnant next week!!

Praying for all you ladies out there. Father, my pregnant friends need to hear you tell them that you have gifted them with an amazing gift. Hold them and let them know that their little ones are protected in your glory until you call them home. Give them the supernatural ability to see into the future and imagine their children thriving and healthy. Comfort my friends who are desperately trying to be pregnant, give them new hope each cycle as we know that your mercies are new EVERY MORNING! I pray for those who are watching with anticipation for results of my experience. I pray that they see YOU and not me in my circumstance. That in all that I have shared, it is for your glory alone. In Jesus' name, AMEN

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  1. I am so glad to hear the good news Sunshine! And I am glad for your rx'd treatment that Sahun adhered to :) I am continuing to pray! I hope next week it is!!! WOOHOO!