Sunday, May 23, 2010

Month 12, Cycle 10, Day 3

So, I started my period on Friday evening while I was at the Living Proof Live event. At 3:00pm, Friday, as soon as I noticed my period beginning, I called my doctor office to set up my appointment...

"Hi, I need to schedule a sonohysterogram and I am on day 1 today."
"Well, your doctor is booked next week."
"Ok, but, I have to have this test on day 7-10. So, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday"
"Well, I will have to see if you can have another doctor do it, or double book you. I will have the nurse call you back to schedule this."
"Ok, but I am out of town, so please call my cell."
I went to dinner with my friends and left the cell on the table because I so didn't want to miss this call. I usually HATE when people talk on their cell phones in public. To me it is the ultimate rude thing to do. But, I apologized and figured that I would just have to grin and bear it. This was SO very important.
4:30pm "Hello?" I opened my phone, but it wasn't mine that was ringing, it was the lady at the next table.
5pm, we get back to the hotel and I furiously call the doctor office back. "We are sorry, but the doctor is closed for the weekend. If you need to schedule an emergency IUI please call a different number. If not, please try again on Monday or leave a voicemail and someone will return your call within 24 hours of the next business day."
I decided NOT to leave a message at this time, as I was very angry with Dawn -- the receptionist who wouldn't schedule my appointment when I called.
We attended the first session of the Christian conference and learned about God's faithfulness. He promises to redeem us. So, I repented of my judgment of the receptionist and let God love on me.
At 10pm, I needed to take my meds and go to bed. Oh, I forgot, that I take progesterone during my luteal phase and was told that if I began my period early I was supposed to call the office to see if I needed to take more progesterone or quit taking them. So, I decided I would leave a message in the morning.
8:30am, second session began and I was just in awe by what God was teaching me. At the first break I remembered I hadn't taken my meds, but I had to take the progesterone again because I didn't know if I could quit or not. So, at 10:15am I called and left a message..."I need to know if I should take the progesterone or not being as I only took it 10 days instead of the full 14." I said, among other things. I let them know I was at the conference until 12noon, and there was 7300 people in an arena and I may not hear the phone, so please leave me a message. The break ended at 10:45am and still no return call, so I decided not to miss out on the event. I went into the arena and sang worship songs to my Lord "Jesus, he can move a mountain..." and then I hear faint rings. I tripped over the lady sitting on the end of the row to get out of the arena to answer my phone, when it stopped ringing. I tried to call the number back, but it was a switchboard for the entire U of M Hospital. No idea which doctor called. So, I waited in the lobby for a few minutes to see if they left a message...........nope!
I worshiped God some more. "He loves us, oh, how he loves us, oh, how he loves us." Amazing lyrics. I raised my hands high in reverence of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
To be continued....

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