Thursday, May 27, 2010

Month 12, Cycle 10, Day 7

(continued from post below)

After the conference, I went out to eat with my girlfriends at Arnie's restaurant. Amazing bakery with excellent gourmet cupcakes, if you are ever in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it is simply at must eat at establishment! Anyway, during lunch, where I was seated in the corner of a very crowded restaurant, I received a call from the Doctor on call. (I have to say again that I HATE it when people talk on their cell phones in public!!!) So, loudly, I had to relate my circumstances. She said I could stop taking the progesterone at that time and to call the doctor on Monday to schedule the test and either my doctor or another in the office would do the procedure when it needed to be done. She said she asked some of the ladies in the office and said they remembered Dawn speaking with me, but there was no message sent to the nurse. The weekend was wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of it!!

On Monday morning, I slipped out of my classroom to make the phone call to the doctor. Again, the receptionist told me that my doctor was booked and I she would have to leave a message for the nurse to call me back. I asked her her name, and she told me Dawn! So I reminded her of our conversation on Friday and the conversation I had with the on call doc over the weekend. She said she did in fact send a message, but don't know if it got lost in the email routing system. Anyway, she told me a nurse would have to call me back. I asked her to have them call my cell as I was at work, and also I was wondering about the semen analysis results. Throughout the school day, I left my cell on even though we are not allowed and waited to hear word.


I went home and sure enough, there was a message from one of the nurses, Robin. Soft spoken, Robin apologize and validated my anxiousness and affirmed that she had sent the message out to the doctor and was awaiting his approval for overbooking this week and she anticipated that he would let her know either Monday or Tuesday and to expect an appointment Thursday. I was a bit relieved, but she never mentioned the semen analysis.

So, Tuesday came, and I had overbooked MYself. I worked 7:30-3 at the school, then an interview for another job at 3:30-4:30pm, then work my 2nd job 5-9pm. So, at 8:30am, I quietly went outside to make a phone call to the doctor again. This time, I asked to speak to a nurse directly. She told me I could leave a message. I told her that I had left so many messages this week and I thought a nurse returned one, but never told me the results of the semen analysis. She then sputtered and said she would see if there was a nurse I could talk to. She returned to say that there were no nurses available as it was clinic day and they all were busy. She promised that someone would call me in the afternoon.

Checked my messages just before going into the interview. Nothing. I growled with frustration. But, I smiled and did an amazing interview.

I waited in my car until 4:55pm for the phone call as I knew their office closed then. Still nothing. After giving up on this day, and choosing to call another doctor I decided to go in to work. After I sat down to discuss shift change at 5:00pm sharp, my phone began chiming!!! I excused myself, ever so rudely as those who have interrupted me for phone calls, and there she was -- Robin, the sweet voiced nurse who changed my distorted perception of all reproductive clinics. She confirmed that "the doctor would be happy to see you this week. But, he is only available at 11:30am on Friday. Will that work?"

"I will make it work," I tell her. And as she is about to say goodbye, I remember the other reason I wanted to speak to her about. "Oh, the semen analysis. How is that looking?" I gritted my teeth, waiting to hear of the latest challenge in conceiving our child.

"Semen analysis looks wonderful!!" She retorted. I asked her about the details, but she said there were 20 some numbers, and that my hubby, doctor and I would go over it on Friday.

YAY! It finally panned out.

Lesson learned . . . Persistence pays off, but it is when you finally give up that redemption comes.

Don't know the validity of that statement above, but it sounds like a good lesson to me!!!

Stay tuned!


  1. By the way, I started the Femara on Sunday evening and took the last dose tonight. No real side effect issues. I am having bone pain and headaches, but I can't tell if it is from the meds, or from the lack of sleep due to overwork the last two days. After my long day Tuesday, I worked school 7:30-3 and then 2nd job 3:30-11:30pm Wednesday and woke up at 5am today. I cannot wait to go to bed tonight, but I am sure not looking forward to the test in the morning. Yikes!

  2. Oh did your test go??? It is just after 1 and I have been thinking about you!!!