Friday, April 23, 2010

Month 11, Cycle 8, Day 30, 12 dpo


I spotted a little last night before bed. Still it is too early to know for sure, but I think I am out this month. I will continue to test each day if I haven't had my period, but I am not optimistic.

Planning for my fertility specialist appointment on May 5. Thank you for those who are following. I hope that you are gaining something from this journey.

Father, thank you again for all you are. Thank you that you allow so many people the opportunity to have children when generations past they would be barren, forever. Thank you that you continue to provide for me and for those out there who are reading. The sorrows may last for the night, but JOY comes in the morning. I praise you and rejoice that you have allowed me to be transparent with people and given me the medium to express myself. You are wonderful and I hope and pray that you continue to remind me that you are God and I am not! Father, I pray wholeheartedly for my pregnant after loss friends -- hold them when they are scared, be with them when they worry, protect their little ones to be sure they receive a blessing that lives on this earth in the due time. I pray only for your will. In Jesus' name, AMEN.


  1. I'm so sorry about the bfn :(. I hope it changes in the next few days!! Praying for you!

  2. Day 31, 13dpo...BFN again! My Luteal phase is usually 11-14 days long. So, I doubt I am pregnant. I have another test to take on Sunday morning. If Aunt Flo doesn't show for sure before then, I will test again. Anybody have any thoughts about this coming cycle? I am pretty certain that Clomid is out! Maybe something homeopathic.

  3. I know some women with pcos use soy instead of clomid. I think you take it the same days as clomid but I'm not sure of the dose. Some fertility docs will start meds later in a cycle if you aren't ovulating but I'm not sure about the Ann Arbor group. I'm sorry about the bfn this morning. I hate this for you!!

  4. So sorry about your bfn Sunshine! I have been praying for you tons. I have heard of the soy. I dont know anything about it. I see people post about it all the time on fertility friend. I will continue to pray for you!!!!

  5. CD32, 14dpo...still BFN.

    No spotting, no period yet. I expect her tomorrow or later today.

    I wonder if I have scar tissue from my surgery that may be the problem...

  6. I am surprised that your doctor didn't do a test for that yet! I had mine done and it was very painful! But I am kind of a baby with pain. The good news is you find out the results right then! That means a lot since for us who are ttc are always waiting. Good luck!