Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fertility Monitor

Today is Cycle Day 6 of my second cycle since trying to conceive beginning in June. I was able to start this cycle with an electronic fertility monitor!! Thank you to my cousin who loaned it to me, as it can cost anywhere from $170-$250 dollars.

This will help me determine when my hormones are at its peak and pinpoint ovulation if I am having it or not. I have also been charting my temps and baseline is looking like 97.6. So, I imagine that since I have had longer cycles (63 days last month and 34 days the other two months that I have been off the pill since adulthood), that this charting and peeing on sticks thing may take a while before I get a positive indication that I am fertile. Hopefully, the progesterone helped to get the other hormones working and I will be with child before too long. Still praying for God's perfect timing.

I wonder what you other ladies who are TTCing are at and if you are hitting the jackpot this month. Leave a reply and let me know.

Father, thank you dearly for the ability to communicate with people via blog, email, etc. and also for technology like the fertility monitor. You allowed it to be created in this period and I am grateful for being born into this time period. You are amazing and I praise you that you are the ultimate creator! Bring peace, love and hope to my sisters in similar situations and prepare their hearts for greater things to come!! Amen

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  1. Hey Sunshine,

    I'm on day 19 out of anywhere from 25 to 29 day cycles. My temp dipped today, probably slept with my mouth open d/t allergies! LOL Here is to believing that the positive fertility reading on the monitor is soon to be on it's way for you!