Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Cycle Day 57...

No period. Took a home test -- negative. Went to dr. yesterday to take a blood serum test -- negative. Will be starting a 5 day regimen of Provera, a progesterone pill, and then hopefully will initiate a cycle to begin within 7-10 days. Not sure if this will get the cycles rolling or not, but I think that is what the plan is. Nurse said to track temps and perhaps get an ovulation predictor kit. But, supposed to wait a year of trying before coming to see the doctor about it.

The wait continues.

Lord, please be the strength I need to continue this and the effects it has on my relationship with my husband. I thank you for allow me to live in an age where medicine has a lot of answers to some things, but still not enough to show that you are in control of ALL things! You are worthy and I praise you. Bless my sisters in the blog community who are trying again and keep them wrapped in the knowledge that you have a plan and a purpose for them and their youngsters' lives. I pray for my pregnant sisters, that you hold and protect their little ones with a great plan for them as well. In Jesus' name, Amen

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