Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I want to say that I appreciate all of you readers. Thank you so much for following and seeing what God is doing in our lives. Today was no exception. I thank you for the notes, the emails and likes on facebook. I have been challenged by God to be authentic and sometimes authenticy comes with a price and sometimes it is saying things that need to be said even when it might hurt someone's feelings. I hope that you all know that this is a place of my being real with my emotions, real with my thoughts and real with my heart. Thanks for allowing me to be this way.

My appointment in Ann Arbor began in a hurry. I arrived 10 minutes early and had no wait time. I was quickly asked to get ready for the ultrasound. Miss Francie came in the room singing my name, "Sunshine, I know this is gonna be really good news, I can feel it!" She said she was so excited to hear that I was pregnant and reviewed my chart noting that I had 4-5 mature follicles. We small talked about the storm we had the last time I was there (the blizzard on my birthday) and I told her I was nervous because my beta almost quadrupled. Her eyebrows raised and she inserted the probe.

"Looks like we have one gestational sac!" She announces and then I saw a flutter on the baby. It was the heartbeat. "Awww," she said, "there's the heart just beating away!" I smiled, cautiously waiting to know its measurements. "Are you about 6 weeks?" she asked.

"6 weeks, 5 days," I said to clarify.

"Right on...6 weeks, 5 days!!"

She took about 3-4 different measurements and each one was exactly measuring 6 weeks, 5 days. The crown to rump length was 7.1 mm. Francie looked all over in my abdomen, no other signs of any other babies. She did notice a small tubal cyst, but said she thinks she remembers seeing on there before.

When Francie was done she gave us three ultrasound pics and said the office would call in the afternoon and let me know what their recommendation was, but Francie thought I would have to come in next week just to be sure all was well. She gave both of us a hug and requested that I set up my appointment with my OB now as it may take some time to get in.

Once Francie left the room, Shaun and I didn't say much. Maybe shock. We basically just walked out of the clinic like we have any other time. The receptionist, Rosalyn, with white hair, asked to see our pics. She smiled ear to ear and said how happy she was for us. Again, Shaun and I barely responded except with a small grin. "I have been coming here since May, I sure hope this is it," I tell her.

"I know. Some people come here 3-4 years. I don't know where you women get your stamina. Good luck, Sunshine. I will cross my fingers for you."

We left the clinic and high-fived in the car. After several hours of shopping for size bigger pair of jeans, and a large lunch at Red Robin, we traveled home.

At 3pm, Dr. Marsh called. "Hello there, Sunshine. Are you excited?"

"Anxious," I tell her.

"Well, we are all very happy and pleased with this. Everything looks wonderful and I told you it would only be ONE!"

I smiled saying I remembered that conversation about if I choose to go for it there would be one and if I canceled then that would be the time I would've had 4-5 babies.

"Well, I wanted to be able to call you myself in person and tell you that you are free to go to the high risk doctor now."

"You mean I graduated?"

"Yes, and I have to tell you that we are all so excited for you. When we talked about you at our meeting this afternoon, everyone stood up and cheered for you!"

AHHH! They cheered for me! YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!

"Well, I am gonna miss everyone there," I told her.

"Oh, don't. Just bring that baby in once all is over, okay?"

I am in awe. Next step done. Woohoo! Still not ready to make a truly public announcement as I need to see another good ultrasound just to be sure. So now we must decide on a hospital and doctor. I love my doctor in Adrian, but with 3 losses and a major emergency in my first pregnancy, the clinic has recommended that I go with a high risk specialist. They gave me a list of the doctors at U of M, but Shaun doesn't feel comfortable with being near Holden. I researched Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists in the area and learned that Toledo Hospital's MFMs only consult with regular OBs, so we probably won't go there. And then the only closest place is St. Joseph's hospital in Ann Arbor. I had previously consulted with Dr. Bryant in 2008. I had planned to go with him, but he now has two other doctors in his practice. After research on them, I discovered that they both graduated from U of M and did there residencies there until 2003. I have scheduled a consultation with them on March 21. That is 13 days away! AHHHHH!

Anyone have any experience with Maternal Fetal Medicine in either Toledo or Ann Arbor and want to give a recommendation? And does anyone know how I tell my Adrian doctor that I am going to go with high risk care without hurting her feelings (we go to the same church as well and she already knows I am pregnant)?

Father God, I praise you that you allowed me to see a perfectly sized, living being within me. I thank you for letting me have peace today. I am incredibly blessed to be your daughter and I am so grateful you are letting me be a parent again. I pray for those who are still trying that they find the strength to continue and I pray that you give peace to those who are currently pregnant after loss that they will carry these babies to term. I am so in awe of your MIRACLE of Life. In Jesus' name, AMEN!


  1. I worked with Dr.Sunderji at Toledo Hospital for both my genetic testing after my loss and then with my last pregnancy. Very busy place. I've heard that some people can't understand him clearly (foreign). Very blunt and not necessarily a bed side manner (if that's what your expecting) but very educated. Depends on what your looking for. In my experience, I was referred from my OBGYN but saw him as well (in conjunction with each other).

  2. I have a friend who recently had a baby at U of M and she had a horrible experience and definitely wouldn't recommend it. However, I also know others who have gone the same route and have been happy. My sister saw Dr. Sunderji at Toledo Hospital for her recent pregnancy with twins (her regular OB is Cherfan in Adrian). She though Sunderji definitely knew his job and was good at it. I know that you have so much to process and many decisions that you will have to make. I will pray that God's wisdom is with you!

  3. Sunshine, I am so HAPPY that things are going smoothly so far. I have been thinking about you all day today. I really enjoy your blog and am looking forward to your honesty when it comes to pregnancy. I am sure it must be weird for you to have people you barley know, knowing all of your personal details. I just want you to know that this blog really helps me out knowing that you are going through the same thing make me feel so much better. (Not because we have to go through all this crap but to know I am not alone.) I am not any help as far as the MFM goes. I just wanted to let you know that I am still thinking of you and praying for you. I am into my two week wait now. 4dpo. I will probably test next friday. Thank You again for your blog and being here for me.

  4. Sunshine, I think that your original OB will COMPLETELY understand that you are going with high risk care and why. This is about you, and your health care needs, not her. She understands that on a professional level. She will celebrate with you! Thanking God for His answers to prayer! Praying wisdom for your decision making and guidance ...open doors where they need to be open and closed where they need to be closed. Trusting Him for His faithfulness !

  5. I have so many things in my head to say but can't make it come together for the right thing to say (if that makes sense). I am very excited to hear this fantastic news, I was hoping and praying for nothing less than what you heard and saw today!! AMEN!! I also want to say I think you are an amazing human being for not only allowing the happiness, but also the reality of day to day emotions be shown to your followers. I could only hope people would follow this for the right reasons, but that is not obviously the case which is sad. Regardless you have touched so many people!!

    Next, I have a friend who had a bad experience with the high risk/MFM's at the U, and from being there after she delivered, I wouldn't recommend them. I haven't heard a lot about St. Joe's but had another friend who had a high risk pregnancy and MFM and loved it there. I haven't specifically had any personal acquaintences with experience at Toledo MFM's but I know that's where I was going to go if I was made high risk for some reason. My regular OB will be delivering me in Toledo and that makes me comfortable. I've rounded at Toledo NICU for my OB training and seen it in action and feel very confident in them.

    I hope this decision is made easier for you. These darn kids, they make us worry from the moment their heart beats....literally!! Keep me posted.

    And most of all: CONGRATULATIONS to you and Shaun, look forward to hearing only more positive news on Baby Plato....and looking forward to our playdates this fall/winter :)

  6. Sunshine,

    First of all, I am rejoicing with you and praising God that he has blessed you with another pregnancy! God is good! He is speaking to so many people through this blog and I just pray that you continue to find the right words to share your journey with others so that they might draw closer to the Lord! This blog is truly amazing and I am so glad that you have been called to write it!

    As far as the MFM at The Toledo Hospital goes, I have some experience with them from my pregnancy with Remi. Personally, I LOVED everyone there and had a wonderful experience! Dr. Sunderji was so cute and such a sweet man - very smart too :) I would go back there in a heartbeat!

    Praying for you always! I hope to see you soon!