Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pregnant? Or not pregnant?

Month 21, Cycle 17, Day 25, 14 days past trigger.

Slight nausea
Increased appetite
Slightly fuller breasts
Scant spot of blood on Sunday and Monday
Slight low cramping

Pregnancy Test Sunday:
Negative result on Dollar Store brand test

Pregnancy Test Monday:
Very faint pink line on First Response Early Result after tilting the test stick

Pregnancy Test Tuesday:
Faint pink line this morning on First Response Early Result
Faint blue line on Walmart brand Equate

I have been thinking I was going to get my period today as I had one scant amount of blood on my tissue on Sunday morning, and one other incident of it on Monday morning. And then today, I tested. Definitely more possibility of positive on this mornings tests, I thought. But, I am not convinced yet. I figured that since I had 5 follicles, I would get pregnant with multiples, and if so, then the test would be dark and clearly positive. So, maybe there is only one. Or maybe it is another chemical pregnancy.

I called the doctor office this morning and requested a blood test. Just had that done an hour ago. I am waiting (im)patiently for the result...Pregnant?!

Father, I know you know our hearts desires. I know you know how badly my husband is suffering thinking we will never be parents. I know that you have the answers. I pray, Father, that you allow us to bring home one or two healthy infants in the next 8 months. I pray that you have already ordained this time for me and I ask that you reveal to me a peace that surpasses all understanding if and when I hear the positive result. I pray that you continue to be the forefront of my thoughts and that you bless me again.

I pray for my pregnant friends that they continue with their pregnancies and deliver without complications. I pray that you allow them the joy of motherhood as many of them have struggled with infertility and are expecting their first living child. I thank you Jesus for the successful deliveries that I have recently been made aware of and I thank you for their healthy babies that you spared from demise. I Praise you father in the name of the Son, Father and Holy Spirit. In Jesus' name I pray, AMEN!

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