Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This week's Beta

Got my beta tested this week and it is down to 34!!! I am hoping that it drops to 0 next week and we can begin the next set of tests and meds. Looks like I could possibly be giving myself shots by New Years!! Not sure how I feel about this yet.


  1. I think you should feel great that you are given another oppertunity. Our kids will definitly know we fought for them to be here. It is just the first step to loving and providing for our babies! Good luck missy!

  2. Great news chica!!!! If you need some help w/the shots, let me know. I know all too well the Moral or physical support -- I am here!! Love ya and hope to see you at the Christmas party!!

  3. YAY!! Those are great numbers, hoping to see even more great numbers this week, a 0 would be perfect!! :) What a way to start a new year! :) See you tomorrow! :)