Friday, June 4, 2010

Month 13, Cycle 10, Day 16

Oh, I know you all have been waiting anxiously for an update (thanks for the emails). Things have been crazy-busy this week and I am finally rested enough to type. Here is the latest!!!

Day 14 Ultrasound: Shaun and I traveled to AA, early Thursday morning. I was thinking I had missed perfect timing, because I had a high temp the day before and thought Femara may have made me ovulate sooner than I have previously. But, when I arrived, here is what happened.

"Your endometrial lining is 8.4mm thick and it looks like your dominate follicle is on your right side, 22 mm." The young doctor commented as he positioned the sonogram screen for me to see black and white images that meant absolutely nothing to my untrained eye.
"I thought you said it was on my left last week," I questioned his judgment.
"Oh," he moved the transvaginal ultrasound around. "Thanks for keeping us honest -- your uterus rotated slightly and yes, it is your left ovary."
"What does that mean?"
"Your lining is great and your follicle is ready to release the egg. The rotation can be normal. This means we can give you the trigger shot of Ovidrel (hCG, the pregnancy hormone) and your should ovulate within 48 hours."
"So what is the plan for the month?" I asked to make sure I followed this RE's advice, instead of my previous doctor's plan.
"Intercourse today, tomorrow and Saturday and then wait until day 35 to test. No need for Prometrium as you have a nice thick lining and that will shed if you are not pregnant. So, if you have no other questions, I will let the nurse come in to give your injection."
I asked several questions that I won't bore you with here, and then he and the observant med student left the room.
A few minutes later, Dr. Will returned with a syringe in his hand. "The nurses are unavailable at this time, so I will give you your shot."
I stared at him with my eyebrows up. "You have practice with that thing???"
"Yes," he chuckled.
"Well, I am not so into needles and usually request the same nurse when I receive my allergy shots that I have had for 6 years. You sure you have practice?"
The med student couldn't contain her grin. Little did she know that I would flat our refuse if he suggested she do it. No sirree!!
"Yes," the doctor stated. "I have to do them on the weekends when the nurses aren't here and women's cycles correlate to the weekend. It is a small needle anyway. Go ahead and lie on the table and pull your shirt up to reveal your belly button."
"YOU ARE GONNA PUT THAT INTO MY BELLY BUTTON?" I questioned his statement, knowing full well he didn't mean that.
"No, but it needs to be injected into your belly near BY your belly button." He pulled out the needle and readied it to be injected while I lifted my shirt and lay down.
"Wai..wai...wait. Is there side effects of this? Does it hurt? Will I be nauseous? Are you..."
"Relax, I am going to count to three. One, two, three." The needle went in as I exhaled and a small pinch and ooze of serum I felt in my belly. Then it was done.
"Thanks," I told him. "Not so bad afterall," I said as my hubby shook his head in shame.
"So really I have to wait 21 days to test?"
"Well, if you don't have a period in 12 days, you can test." But if you get a negative and still don't have a period by day 35 then you can call us for meds to kick start your period. If you get a positive, you can call us and schedule a week 7-8 ultrasound to check for good pregnancy. If you get your period, call us and schedule your day 14 ultrasound and start Femara on day 3. Any other questions, go ahead and call as well."

I bet he was happy to see me get out of the office that day. I was happy he laughed with me instead of at me. Gotta have a sense of humor or this whole process is a cRaZiFiEd mess! Is that a word? hehe!

So, I got a positive on my ovulation predictor kit Friday, as well as a PEAK reading on my monitor. Then a high temp this morning. I am pretty sure I ovulated yesterday. Yippee!
Now onto the two week waiting period.

Father, thank you for my sense of humor in the midst of all this anxiety. Your the one who created laughter and I thank you that it truly is the best medicine. Asking you to bless my readers as they are traveling different journeys, but are interested to see You in mine. I pray that you continue to reveal yourself and allow the process to have others trust in you. You are worthy and holy and I honor and esteem your name, Jesus, in whose holy name I pray, AMEN!


  1. So excited to read your post!! How fab to have a peak and higher temp!!! You and Shaun are in my prayers :)

  2. Yes, Ovulation was confirmed through Fertility Friend checking my temps and says Friday was ovulation day. Today, Monday is 3days past ovulation. SO, I have at least until NEXT Wednesday, June 16 to test for pregnancy and may be fairly certain of its validity and not by product of my trigger shot last week. Keep crossing fingers and praying!!