Thursday, July 8, 2010

Month 14, Cycle 11, Day 18, 2 DPO

I think I ovulated on day 16, so I am unofficially in the two week waiting period. I have to wait until one more day of high temps to confirm ovulation, but I am positive it was on Tuesday -- 2 days past my trigger shot. I think I will test on Monday July 19, for those of you who are curious and anxious. My goal is to wait that long. Thanks for the support!!

Father, I praise you because you are wonderful and I am just so thankful to know you. Keep me busy with good things during these next 2 weeks and help me to stay focused on you. In Jesus' name, AMEN.


  1. Yes, confirmation that ovulation was on day 16!!!!

  2. Is that earlier then normal for you? Can't wait for july 19th. Eddie asked me when you can test again!! Do you think you'll be able to wait that long?

  3. Yes, for me it is earlier than when I was on clomid...those were day 18-19, if I were ovulating at all! I think it is hilarious that Eddie is asking...hehehe! I had APD come to my house on Thursday because someone had backed into my parked car. He looked young, so I thought it might be Eddie, but it was officer Adams. How's it going for you Megs? 9 week ultrasound and visit at doctor G's on Tuesday? Excited?