Monday, October 26, 2009

Update about Doctor appointment

I visited my doctor to discuss the obvious lack of ovulation I have. She ordered lots of blood work. I will have all hormone levels tested, fasting blood sugar and fasting cholesterol and others taken tomorrow morning. She doesn't think it is PCOS because I don't fit the appearance profile. But, I may have a mild case. She said there are 3 main reasons for not having a period: Stress, PCOS, or early menopause. Depending on the pattern between the hormones, she will be able to indicate which is most likely. She is also testing for other rare reasons, like thyroid function, cancers, etc. She will call me tomorrow with results of pregnancy test and if not pregnant, I will do another Provera round (5 days of progesterone) in order to induce a withdrawal bleed. Then I will have a follow up appointment next Monday to discuss the results of the tests and see the options I have from there. If there is nothing seriously wrong then I have choices on the best way to become pregnant...

Do I let nature take its course? Or do I try fertility drugs, like Clomid? Vote here!

Father, Thank you for modern medicine and the ability to make informed decisions. I thank you for you being in control of all things and praise you for who you are! Be with my sisters who are also on this infertility journey that they find hope in You. In Jesus' name, Amen!

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