Monday, September 7, 2009

Six days of testing on the fertility monitor. Day 14, I have a low reading out of low, high and peak. If I were a 28 day period person, today should be my peak day (the day of ovulation). We will see what happens. I have 4 more test days scheduled, and if nothing happens, I think the machine will tell me to buy 1o more sticks and continue to test after that.

My temps are odd. I don't understand this charting thing and all the variables. I was down to 96.8 on one day and jumped to 97.6 the next. I think 97.6 is base line, so I don't know. Hubby and I started the every other day plan for now. Let's see how that goes!

Father, thank you again for your love and comfort. Be with those women who are struggling with infertility and can not make sense of why some women get pregnant easily and others never do. I pray for peace and direction to all of us mothers who are out there. I pray for the ladies who are currently pregnant after loss and are worried about the outcomes of this pregnancy. I ask that you hold them tight in your loving arms and give them a peace about them that is beyond all understanding. You are in control and you love us in spite of ourselves. Thank you again for your faithfulness! Amen

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